12 Silver Flip Flop Sandal Charms, Beach-Themed Pendant Pack for Crafts & Gifts

  • $3.95

~~  Step into a world of creativity with our Silver Flip Flop Sandal Charms! ~~  

• These delightful beach shoe pendants, cast from a robust zinc alloy metal, are perfect for DIY jewelry, scrapbooking, or craft projects. 

• Each charm is expertly shaped into a cute flip-flop sandal, measuring 10mm x 25mm, and features a conveniently sized hanging loop at the top measuring 1.5mm. 

• They're sold in packages of 12, ensuring you have an ample supply to kickstart your creative journey.

• These charming flip-flop sandal pendants are meticulously crafted, showcasing the sandal design on the front and the bottom of the sandal on the back, which adds a touch of whims and authenticity to your creations. Their antique silver color gives them a vintage allure, making them an excellent choice for creating nostalgic, beach-themed projects or keepsakes.

• Whether you're a seasoned craft enthusiast or a beginner experimenting with new projects, these flip-flop sandal charms will surely add a unique and charming touch to your creations. Add these charms to your cart and let your imagination wander to sandy beaches and warm summer days!

Material: Zinc alloy metal
Amount: 12 per package
Size: 10mm x 25mm; hanging loop hole is 1.5mm
Shape: Flip Flop sandal
Color: Antique Silver with the sandal design on the front and the bottom of the sandal on the back

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