5-Pack Purple Ball Chain Necklaces - 30" Steel Bead Chains - 2.4mm #3 Dog Tags

  • $5.95

~~ Immerse yourself in the rich, royal hue of our exclusive Purple Ball Chain Necklace 5-Pack! ~~

• Step beyond the ordinary with our five-pack of Purple Ball Chain Necklaces, where exceptional craftsmanship meets bold aesthetic.

• Each 30-inch necklace is expertly enveloped in a radiant purple epoxy coating over a solid steel base, offering a striking balance between enduring strength and captivating beauty.

• With a 2.4mm ball size conforming to the #3 standard, these chains are perfectly tailored for adorning dog tags or your specially selected pendants.

• Ideal for jewelry makers, DIY enthusiasts, or anyone searching for a distinctive accessory, these necklaces are a quintessential component for any creative project.

• The unique purple epoxy finish sets your creations apart, making them memorable gifts or standout pieces in your jewelry collection.

Material: Purple Epoxy Coating over Steel Base
Amount: Five 30" Chains with Matching Connectors
Size: 2.4mm ball size; #3 Standard dog tag chain size
Shape: Beaded Ball Chain
Color: Purple

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