Stunning Purple Dragon Vein Agate Beads - 10mm Round - Jewelry Design & Crafts

  • $5.65

• Crafted from dyed Agate, these beads ooze charm and mystery, offering a unique addition to your jewelry-making repertoire. Each bead is unique, featuring varying shades of calming gray and soothing lavender, accented with captivating purple veining. 

• This package consists of 38 beads, each with an average size of 10mm and a hole size of 1mm, perfect for crafting bracelets, necklaces, or earrings. 

• The unique vein pattern in each bead is a testament to Mother Nature's artistry, with each striation and marking adding to the bead's individuality.

• These beads are made from Agate, a gemstone known for strength and harmony. Please note that as these beads are made from natural stone, there may be unique markings, striations, and color variations, all adding to their charm and authenticity. 

• Our Purple Dragon Vein Agate Beads are not just a crafting material but a source of inspiration. Experience the joy of creating these stunning beads that are as unique as you are.

Material: Agate (Dyed)
Amount: 38 beads
Size: 10mm average size; 1mm hole size
Shape: Round
Color: Varying shades of gray and lavender with purple veining

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