Boho Chic Denim Lapis Key Fob, Hexagonal Gemstone Purse Bag Zipper Accessory

  • $8.00

🌸 Unleash the charm of functional fashion with our Denim Lapis Gemstone Keychain Charm - a blend of utility and artisan beauty destined to turn heads. Crafted from the serene denim lapis, each hexagonal pointed stone exudes a tranquil palette of denim blue and soft gray, reminiscent of a clear sky meeting rugged stone cliffs. With the promise of handpicked quality, your new accessory is not just a purchase; it's a small treasure with its unique story and color pattern, ensuring that no two pieces are identical.

Measuring a convenient 3 inches in length, this key fob doesn't just add a dash of bohemian elegance to your everyday carry and a touch of sophistication to your accessories. The metal swivel clasp is designed for ease and versatility. The swift trigger opens effortlessly, allowing you to clip this gem onto anything that could use a little uplift - be it your favorite tote, a trusty backpack, or a pretty companion to your keys. 

Caring for your Denim Lapis Gemstone Keychain Charm is as simple as its design. To maintain its allure, gently wipe the stone and metal with a soft, dry cloth when needed. Avoid direct contact with water and chemicals to preserve the natural beauty of the gemstone and the integrity of the metal. 

Whether you're treating yourself or searching for a thoughtful gift, this keychain charm embodies the heart of creativity and authenticity that Hackberry Creek is celebrated for. It's not just an accessory, it's a work of art that brings joy to the mundane, a statement piece.

Material: Denim Lapis; Metal swivel clasp
Amount: 1 piece
Size: 3" long
Shape: Hexagonal Pointed Stone
Color: Silver; Denim Blue and Gray stone; Each piece is unique and will vary slightly in color

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