Make Your Own Necklaces Craft Set - Black Steel Ball Chain + Connectors

  • $9.00

~~ Expand your Crafting Horizons with 10 feet of Black Steel Ball Chain with Matching Connectors Set. ~~ 

• If you want to make your necklaces and keychains and need a durable and stylish chain, check out our black steel ball chain set with matching connectors. 

• Made in the USA, this chain features a robust black epoxy coating over a steel base, ensuring it will withstand rust and corrosion.

• With a ball size of 2.4mm, the standard #3 dog tag chain size, this 10-foot chain is perfect for various crafting projects, from modern-style necklaces to personalized keychains. This set includes five matching connectors, making creating custom lengths to suit your design needs easy.

• Customize it to your desired length using diagonal pliers or snippers, and attach any charm or pendant for a personalized touch.

• Experience the versatility and ease of customization with our black-coated steel ball chain. Add it to your crafting arsenal today and watch your imaginative designs come to life with a touch of sophistication.

Material: Black Epoxy Coating over Steel Base, Made in the USA
Amount: 10' of ball chain with five matching connectors
Size: 2.4mm ball size; #3 Standard dog tag chain size
Shape: Ball Chain
Color: Black

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