30 Silver Star Charms, Small Metal Flat Celestial North Star for DIY Jewelry

  • $4.25

💚 These dainty Silver Star Charms are the perfect celestial touch to elevate your jewelry creations! Made from high-quality zinc alloy metal, these small metal flat North Star bulk charms come in a generous package of 30, ensuring you'll have plenty on hand for all your crafting needs. With their enchanting star shape and brilliant silver color, these charms are sure to make your jewelry pieces truly shine.

Each Silver Star Charm measures 7mm x 10mm, with a convenient 2mm stringing hole, making them the ideal size for a variety of jewelry projects. Whether you're designing earrings that twinkle like the night sky, charm bracelets that tell a story, or necklaces that serve as a guiding light, these versatile charms will add a touch of magic to your creations. Plus, their durable zinc alloy metal construction ensures that your pieces will maintain their beauty and charm for years to come.

To care for your Silver Star Charms, simply wipe them gently with a soft cloth to maintain their lustrous shine. As you create with these captivating charms, you'll be reminded of the quality, creativity, and authenticity that Hackberry Creek stands for. Bring a little starlight into your jewelry designs and order your pack of 30 Silver Star Charms today - your imagination is the only limit to what you can create!

Material: Zinc alloy metal
Amount: 30 per package
Size: 7mm x 10mm; stringing hole is 2mm
Shape: Star
Color: Silver

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