4 Tree of Life Pendants, Silver Metal Tree Charms for Jewelry Making

  • $3.50

💚 These beautiful Tree of Life Pendants are a jewelry maker's dream! Made out of alloy metal, each charm has been delicately crafted to provide a unique and stunning design. With their enchanting appearance and intricate detailing, jewelry made with these pendants would make perfect additions to any collection.

The Tree of Life is said to symbolize a deep connection and unity with all living things and how the natural world is intertwined with our own lives and our inner spirits. Wear or gift them as a reminder that you can carry a little bit of nature's magic and beauty with you wherever you go. They have a timeless quality and lightweight design that makes it easy to wear them every day and are perfect for easy-to-make earrings and necklaces.

Material: Zinc alloy metal
Amount: 4 per package
Size: 30mm x 35mm; hanging loop hole is 3mm
Shape: Tree of Life in Circle
Color: Bright silver with the same design on both sides

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