50 Black Small Oval Jump Rings, TierraCast 4x5mm Gunmetal Connectors for DIY Jewelry and Crafts

  • $2.25

~~  Unleash Your Creativity with Our Premium Black Oval Jump Rings! ~~ 

• Crafting enthusiasts, jewelry designers, and DIY lovers - say hello to the ultimate small but mighty connector: TierraCast Small Oval Jump Rings in a sleek Gunmetal Black finish! Each pack contains 50 pieces ready to bring your unique creations to life. These aren't your average jump rings; their oval shape adds a touch of elegance and ensures a stronger, more reliable hold for all your designs.

• Made from robust brass and coated with lustrous black plating, these jump rings offer the aesthetic appeal and the longevity you need for your projects. With an inside measurement of 2mm x 3.2mm and an outside measurement of 4mm x 5mm, they are the perfect 20 gauge size for versatility without compromising strength. The innovative design features an opening on the long side of the ring, significantly reducing the chance of it coming undone with normal wear. This makes them ideal for your most cherished pieces worn day in and day out.

• Whether you are creating intricate jewelry, customizing clothing, or enhancing your craft projects, these small oval jump rings bring a touch of sophistication and reliability to your work. Their unique gunmetal black color provides a contemporary edge perfect for modern designs or contrasting brightly colored beads and components. These jump rings are functional and an integral part of your design aesthetic.

• To maintain the beauty of your jump rings, keep them dry and clean with a soft cloth when necessary. Avoid exposing them to harsh chemicals to preserve the elegant black plating.

• Whether you're making a statement necklace, a charm bracelet, or an avant-garde art piece, these jump rings are the silent heroes to keep your masterpiece securely and beautifully intact. Add them to your toolkit today and experience the joy of creating something extraordinary, piece by piece. Shop now and take the first step towards your next breathtaking creation!

Material: Brass with a black plating
Amount: 50 Pieces
Size: 2mm x 3.2mm (inside measurement), 4mm x 5mm (outside measurement); 20 gauge
Shape: Oval Jump Ring
Color: Gunmetal Black

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