50 Chalk Light Rose Tango Triangle Beads, 6mm 2-Hole Czech Glass for Beadwork

  • $3.90

💚 Discover the endless creative possibilities with this exquisite set of 50 Chalk Light Rose Tango Triangle Beads, crafted from the finest Czech glass. Each bead measures 6mm x 6mm and features two meticulously drilled 0.8mm holes which provide the utmost flexibility in your beadwork designs. The opaque light rose pink hue adds a touch of elegance and softness to any creation, making these beads a must-have for your jewelry-making arsenal.

Tango Triangle Beads are not only a joy to work with but also a breeze to care for, ensuring your handcrafted pieces maintain their allure for years to come. The versatile two-hole design allows for intricate patterns and complex weaves, making them an ideal companion for your seed bead projects. Whether you're fashioning a delicate bracelet, a statement necklace, or embellishing a chic accessory, these beads will add a unique and sophisticated flair that will captivate.

Hackberry Creek is a haven for the unique and the heartfelt, and these Czech glass beads are no exception. Their exceptional quality and delightful color will inspire your imagination and help your creations stand out. Their compatibility with other two-hole Czech beads opens up a world of coordination and style. 

Embrace your creative spirit and let these Light Rose Tango Triangle Beads be the cornerstone of your next breathtaking piece. Add them to your collection today and watch your beadwork blossom into art!

Material: Czech Glass Beads
Amount: 50 beads
Size: 6mm x 6mm; Two 0.8mm holes
Shape: Triangle
Color: Opaque Light Rose Pink

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