Gold Czech Glass Pearl Beads - Baroque Oval Pearls - Ideal for Bridal Jewelry

  • $5.90

• Immerse yourself in the world of handcrafted jewelry with these exquisite Gold Czech Baroque Pearl Beads, perfect for DIY creations.

• Made from high-quality Czech glass, these oval pearls offer a unique baroque appeal with their slightly uneven, textured surface that reflects light in the most enchanting manner. Each light gold bead is finished with a pearlized sheen, giving your creations a touch of timeless sophistication.

• This set consists of one strand containing 50 beads, each measuring 5.5mm x 10mm, with a drilled 1mm hole running lengthwise.

• These beads offer many possibilities for jewelry designs, serving as stunning focal points that can make necklaces and bracelets stand out or as eye-catching elements that add a touch of elegance to earrings. Their versatility makes them perfect for creating unique and beautiful bridesmaid and wedding jewelry and for use in various crafts.

• With their versatility and aesthetic appeal, these beads are an excellent choice for any jewelry project. Let your creativity flow and watch these beads transform your DIY projects into luxurious statement pieces that reflect your unique artistic vision.

Material: Czech Glass Pearl Beads
Amount: 1 Strand - 50 Beads
Size: 5.5mm x 10mm; 1mm hole drilled lengthwise
Shape: Oval with a baroque, uneven surface
Color: Light gold with a pearlized finish

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