Kumihimo 6" Round Braiding Disk Loom with Instructions, Cousin

  • $3.50

Item: Kumihimo Braiding Loom
Amount: 1 Loom made of stiff foam with complete instructions
Size: 6" round shape which makes a rounded woven rope.

Kumihimo is a time honored technique of Japanese braiding meaning "gathered thread," in which colorful cord is braided into a decorative woven rope. Accent beads, from seed beads to rondelles, can be added to the cording while braiding to create intricate looking beaded styles. This rope can then be used for trendy bracelets, hair decorations, clothing adornments or whatever else your imagination comes up with. This technique is accessible and fun for all ages.

Manufacturer: Cousin
Item Number: 34745033 - Braiding Loom

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