10 Silver Shell Charms, Striped Sea Shell Pendants for Beach-Themed DIY Jewelry

  • $2.95

🐚 Dive into the enchanting depths of ocean-inspired creativity with this set of 10 Antique Silver Striped Shell Charms - a treasure trove for all beach lovers and summer jewelry artisans. Each charm is meticulously crafted from high-quality zinc alloy metal, ensuring durability while maintaining a lightweight feel perfect for an array of jewelry-making projects.

With their captivating antique silver finish and distinctive striped design, these puff sea shell pendants measure 12mm x 24mm, featuring a generous 1.5mm hanging loop at the top for easy attachment to your creations. 

The charms boast a detailed stripe pattern on the front, lending texture and a touch of whimsy to your designs, while the concave back gives a polished and professional look to your finished pieces. Whether you're adorning a breezy summer necklace, adding flair to a beach-themed bracelet, or embellishing a pair of statement earrings, these charms will transport the wearer to sandy shores and tranquil sea breezes with every glance.

We understand that each piece you create is a reflection of your unique artistry. That's why our shell charms are not only a nod to the timeless allure of the ocean but also celebrate the creative spirit that is at the heart of Hackberry Creek's community. 

To keep your charms looking as stunning as the day you receive them, simply polish them gently with a soft cloth and keep them dry - a small effort to preserve their splendor for many sunsets to come.

Embrace the call of the sea and let your imagination set sail with these versatile shell charms. Their antique charm, coupled with your creative touch, is sure to result in jewelry that's as memorable as a walk along the shore. Add this set to your collection today and let the waves of inspiration flow!

Material: Zinc alloy metal 
Amount: 10 per package
Size: 12mm x 24mm; hanging loop hole is 1.5mm
Shape: Puff sea shell 
Color: Antique Silver with a stripe design on the front and a concave back

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