20 Silver Angel Wing Beads, Metal Wing Spacers for Handmade Jewelry

  • $3.75

💚 Give your handmade jewelry a touch of celestial elegance with these stunning Silver Angel Wing Beads. Crafted from high-quality alloy metal, these wing spacers are not only durable but carry a unique antique silver finish that resonates with timeless beauty. Each pack contains 25 beads, enough to create multiple pieces or for use in larger projects.

These angel wing beads measure 20mm x 9mm, an ideal size that adds detail without overwhelming your design. They feature a 1mm stringing hole that runs vertically through the center, making them easy to incorporate into your projects. Each bead is meticulously shaped to resemble an angel's wing, with the same intricate design featured on both sides. Their antique silver color adds a vintage charm, making them perfect for creating unique pieces that truly stand out.

Ideal for crafting necklaces, bracelets, earrings, or even for embellishing clothing or accessories, these wing beads are as versatile as they are beautiful. They are easy to care for, needing only a gentle wipe with a soft cloth to maintain their shine. 

Whether you are an experienced jewelry maker or a beginner, these Silver Angel Wing Beads are an enchanting addition to your crafting collection. Add these charming wing spacers to your cart today and let your creativity take flight!

Material: Alloy metal
Amount: 25 beads
Size: 20mm x 9mm; 1mm stringing hole that runs vertically through the center
Shape: Angel wing
Color: Antique silver with the same design on both sides

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