10 Silver Classic 6mm BeadAligner + 2mm Peg, Large Hole Bead Stabilizers

  • $3.30

šŸ’š These are perfect for stabilizing larger hole beads on smaller-diameter stringing material. Just place one aligner on each side of the bead with the peg part inserted into the bead hole and then string as usual.

Material: Culinary-grade, Lead-Free Pewter, White Bronze Plated; Made in the USA by TierraCastĀ®
Amount: 10 BeadAligners
Size: 6mm; 2mm peg width; 1mm hole size
Shape: Spacer with protrusion
Color: Silver; White bronze plate is a tri-metal alloy of tin, copper, and zinc. It has a non-tarnishing and durable finish.

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