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Do you ever feel like you have run out of steam and nothing seems inspiring or motivating? Anyone who crafts or needs to be creative for work has gone through dry spells where it seems impossible to generate new, fresh ideas. 

Here are some tips that can help you get the juices flowing again.

1) Don't wait for inspiration, look for it. Inspiration is everywhere. Open your eyes and mind.

2) Seek out new experiences, art, music, nature, books, and conversations that spark your creativity.

3) Do what you love. Inspiration will follow your passion. Pursue your interests and the motivation will come.

4) Surround yourself with inspirational people. Their passion and energy will fuel your own. Like attracts like.

5) Travel and get out of your routine. A new environment can stimulate your senses and provide a fresh perspective.

6) Reflect on your life experiences. Draw inspiration from the challenges you have overcome and the moments that have shaped you.

7) Ask lots of questions. Questioning the world around you leads to new ideas and discoveries.

8) Take care of yourself. Eat healthy, exercise, and get enough sleep. Your physical state impacts your mental capacity for inspiration.

9) Practice mindfulness. Spend time each day being fully present and quieting your mind. Inspiration arises from inner stillness.

10) Write down your thoughts and ideas. The simple act of writing can lead to new connections and sparks of inspiration.

11) Give yourself space. Take a walk or step away from your work or devices. A little time away can help you gain a new outlook.

12) Be open to inspiration from unexpected sources. Some of the most inspiring moments come when we least expect them.

13) Read and expose yourself to new concepts and stories. Reading fuels imagination and can ignite inspiration.

14) Don't censor yourself. Let your thoughts wander and flow without judgment. Some of the most inspired ideas seem bizarre at first.

15) Dream big. Don't limit yourself with self-doubt and practical constraints. Inspiration comes from a place of passion and imagination.

16) Appreciate the simple things. Notice the beauty and wonder in the world around you. Inspiration comes from a place of gratitude and awe.

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