Iridescent Silver Polyester Cord, 1mm Non-Stretch Shimmering String (59 Feet)

  • $2.95

💚 This shiny, 1mm Iridescent Silver Cord, is a must-have for all your Christmas and holiday crafting needs! This unique cord, with a twist of silver and iridescent green, is sure to add a touch of magic to any project. Its non-stretch property and the durability of polyester make it perfect for a variety of uses.

At a generous length of 59 feet, this cord is ideal for beading, crafting, and even hanging Christmas ornaments. The subtle shimmer of the silver mixed with the iridescent green adds an enchanting sparkle to your creations. Whether you're crafting intricate jewelry, creating unique home décor, or adding a touch of sparkle to your holiday decorations, this cord is up to the task. Its non-stretch quality ensures your projects will maintain their shape and integrity over time.

This cord is not only durable but also easy to work with. Despite its strength, it's pliable and easy to tie, making it a joy to use in your handcrafted creations.  It's not just a cord; it's a tool to help transform your imagination into reality. Make your next project a little more magical with our iridescent silver cord. Order now to add this unique item to your crafting supplies!

Material: Polyester 
Amount: 59 Feet
Size: 1mm
Color: Twist of silver and iridescent green
Features: Non-Stretch

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