5-Pack Green Aventurine Tumbled Stones, Smooth Rock Nugget, No Hole/Undrilled

  • $4.95

💚 Discover the soothing allure of our hand-polished 5-Pack Green Aventurine Tumbled Stones, a treasure trove of tranquility waiting to enhance your living space or craft projects. Each stone, with its muted green hue and lustrous finish, is a testament to Mother Nature's beauty. 

These smooth rock nuggets, measuring over 1/2" on the longest side, are undrilled to maintain their natural integrity and are perfect for those who appreciate the raw splendor of the Earth's gifts.

The versatility of these Green Aventurine stones is unmatched - use them to tap into their metaphysical properties, channeling prosperity and good luck, or let them spark your creativity by incorporating them into unique jewelry designs. Alternatively, scatter them around your home to create a serene ambiance that speaks volumes of your connection to the natural world. Each set of stones is as distinctive as the individual who cherishes them, with random shapes that ensure no two stones are identical.

We understand that the personal touch is what makes your experience special. While each stone is a unique piece of art crafted by nature's hand, with its markings, notches, and character, we invite you to express your color preferences upon checkout. Our commitment is to hand-select the closest matches from our inventory, delivering a custom feel to your order. 

To ensure the enduring beauty of your Green Aventurine Tumbled Stones, handle them with love and care. Cleanse them gently with a soft, damp cloth and avoid harsh chemicals. When not in use, store them in a cool, dry place to preserve their natural luster. By honoring these simple care instructions, your stones will continue to provide a sense of peace and connection to the natural world for years to come.

Add these gems to your collection and let their gentle energy infuse your daily life with a touch of nature's magic.

Material: Green Aventurine
Amount: 5 Stone
Size: The longest side is 1/2" or longer
Shape: Random
Color: Muted green; polished finish

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