1 Pc Rose Quartz Tumbled Stone, Smooth Rock Nugget, No Hole/Undrilled Crystal for Jewelry Making or Home Decor

  • $1.50

💟 Experience the Beauty of Rose Quartz with Our Hand-Selected Tumbled Stones 💟 

💚 Welcome to a world of serene beauty and natural elegance with our enchanting Rose Quartz Tumbled Stone. This gentle piece is a lovingly polished nugget of rose quartz, a treasure from the earth to hold and cherish. Rose quartz is not just an item but a natural work of art. It has been used in ancient civilizations for its healing properties and is still used today for emotional healing and self-love.

Our Rose Quartz Tumbled Stone is a multi-faceted wonder, measuring over 3/4" on its longest side with a random, unique shape that ensures it is truly one-of-a-kind, just like you. This un-drilled, polished wonder is versatile in its uses and boundless in its beauty, making it perfect for enhancing your spiritual journey, crafting it into a piece of handmade jewelry, or gracing your living space with its calming presence.

When you place your order, feel free to express any color preference, and we will hand-select the stone from our existing inventory that connects most closely with your desires. Each stone has its personality, featuring natural markings, notches, and a character. We celebrate these variations as representing our collection's authenticity and quality.

You can use this gem to meditate, place it in a specific room, or wear it as jewelry. Embrace the charm and tranquility of our Rose Quartz Tumbled Stone - a piece that's as individual as you are. Invite love and light into your heart and home with this precious keepsake, and delight in the natural beauty only hand-selected, artisanal stones can provide.

Add this gem to your collection today, and cherish the unique splendor and subtle energy it brings to every aspect of your life. Each Rose Quartz Tumbled Stone is a testament to the timeless allure of nature's gifts, ready to become a cherished companion on your journey to self-love, healing, or artistic creation.

Material: Rose Quartz
Amount: 1 Stone
Size: The longest side is 3/4" or longer
Shape: Random
Color: Pale to light pink; polished finish

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