5-Pack Rose Quartz Tumbled Stones, Smooth Rock Nugget, No Hole/Undrilled

  • $4.95

💟 Embrace the gentle allure of nature with this set of 5 Rose Quartz Tumbled Stones, a collection that exudes tranquility and love. Each smooth rock nugget, carefully polished to reveal its unique pale to light pink hue, is a testament to the beauty of the natural world. These undrilled stones, with their organic random shapes and polished finish, are the epitome of raw elegance - perfect for those who cherish the authentic touch of handcrafted treasures.

These Rose Quartz tumbled stones, each measuring over 1/2" on the longest side, are versatile gems that serve multiple purposes. Whether you're drawn to their metaphysical properties, seeking to create jewelry, or simply want to adorn your living space with a touch of serene beauty, these stones are your gateway to creativity and harmony. 

The soft pink color, associated with love and healing, makes them an ideal gift for yourself or a loved one. As each stone is as unique as the individual who holds it, please note that natural variations such as markings, notches, and unevenness are part of their distinctive charm, ensuring that no two stones are exactly alike.

We understand that the personal touch is everything. When you place your order, feel free to indicate any color preference, and we'll do our utmost to select the perfect stones from our current inventory to match your desires. As custodians of these natural wonders, we invite you to treasure the individuality of each stone and incorporate these timeless pieces into your life in a way that resonates with your spirit. 

Dive into the captivating world of Rose Quartz and let these tumbled stones be a beacon of calm and inspiration in your daily journey.

Material: Rose Quartz
Amount: 5 Stone
Size: The longest side is 1/2" or longer
Shape: Random
Color: Pale to light Pink; polished finish

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