1 Pc White Howlite Heart Shaped Stone, Puffy Heart, No Hole/Undrilled

  • $2.50

💚 This stunning White Howlite Puffy Heart Shaped Stone is a unique and captivating piece that exudes love, serenity, and positive energy. Crafted from high-quality White Howlite, this beautiful heart-shaped stone will make a perfect addition to your collection, whether you are a crystal enthusiast or simply looking for a thoughtful gift for a loved one. Measuring 20mm x 25mm, this charming puffed heart is not only visually appealing but also offers a comforting weight and smooth, polished finish.

Each howlite heart is truly one-of-a-kind, featuring random gray veining patterns that add depth and intrigue to the pure white base. Known for its metaphysical properties, White Howlite is believed to aid in calming the mind and promoting emotional balance, making it an ideal companion for meditation and relaxation. This versatile, undrilled stone can be used as a pocket or palm stone, displayed as a decorative piece in your home, or even incorporated into your custom jewelry creations.

Please note, that as this heart is made from natural stone, there may be markings, notches, or other variations associated with lapidary. We will do our best to accommodate any specific color preferences you may have, so please let us know during checkout. 

To care for your heart, simply wipe it gently with a soft cloth to maintain its polished finish. Fall in love with the unique beauty and soothing energy of this enchanting heart-shaped stone today!

Material: White Howlite
Amount: 1 Stone
Size: 20mm x 25mm
Shape: Puffed Heart
Color: White with random gray veining; polished finish

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