20 Off-White Elephant Beads - Small Lucky Elephants - Animal Beads for Crafts

  • $3.00

~~ Embrace the majestic beauty of the wild with our elephant beads! ~~

• This set of 20 off-white elephant beads is perfect for bringing good fortune and strength to your crafting projects.

• Each bead is exquisitely shaped into a small, lucky elephant from synthetic turquoise. Its off-white hue is accented by delicate brown veining, mimicking the natural elegance of turquoise stones.

• With their small size of 15mm x 10mm and a convenient 1mm hole size, these animal beads are perfect for threading into charming bracelets and necklaces or adding an exotic touch to your craft projects.

• Every bead is a unique treasure, closely resembling the one pictured, yet with its own, ensuring that your creations are as individual as the majestic creatures they represent.

• Elevate your designs with these enchanting elephant beads, and let your imagination roam free in the savannah of creativity.

Material: Synthetic Turquoise
Amount: 20 beads
Size: 15mm x 10mm; 1mm hole size
Shape: Elephant
Color: Off-white with brown veining for a turquoise look. Each bead and set is unique but similar to the photo.

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