Brown Amazonite Beads, 8mm Round Gemstone Strand, Ideal for DIY Jewelry

  • $4.95

💚 Indulge in the natural beauty and unique charm of our Brown Amazonite Beads. These 8mm round gemstones embody the earth's raw elegance with their varying shades of blue, brown, tan, and gray. Each 15" strand comes with approximately 48 beads, each one unique and captivating. Crafted from genuine Amazonite, these beads are a testament to the beauty of nature's artistry and a perfect addition to your jewelry-making supplies.

These beads are perfect for creating a variety of jewelry pieces. Whether you're crafting a stunning necklace or designing a delicate bracelet, the versatility of these beads will bring your creative visions to life. Each bead measures an average of 8mm in size and features a 1mm hole, making them easy to work with for various projects. However, please note that due to their natural origin, a few beads have to be discarded due to off-center drilling or other minor defects.

The Brown Amazonite Beads are not just beads; they are a celebration of nature's diversity and creativity. Each bead is unique, showcasing markings, striations, and other variations that are characteristic of natural gemstones. These variations make each strand a one-of-a-kind treasure. As these beads are made from natural stone, they require gentle care. Avoid harsh chemicals or detergents to maintain their natural luster.

Embrace the beauty of nature, the joy of creativity, and the satisfaction of crafting with these stunning beads. They are not just a purchase, but an investment in your artistic journey, promising endless possibilities and unique creations. Experience the joy of handcrafting with these enchanting gemstones that embody the authenticity and creativity that Hackberry Creek stands for.

Material: Amazonite
Amount: 15" strand; Approximately 48 beads
Size: 8mm average size; 1mm hole size
Shape: Round
Color: Varying shades of blue, brown, tan, and gray

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