2 Copper Peace Dove Pendants, TierraCast Symbolic Charms for DIY Jewelry Making

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~~ Embrace the Essence of Harmony with Elegant Peace Pendants ~~ 

• Discover the serene beauty of our artisanal Copper Peace Dove Pendants, elegant double-sided charms that speak volumes of love, hope, and tranquility. Each pendant is meticulously crafted from culinary-grade, lead-free pewter with warm copper plating, finished with an antique touch to highlight the intricate details. Proudly made in the USA, these pendants represent the pinnacle of quality and ethical craftsmanship.

• These substantial charms measure 24.5mm x 29mm, with a generous 3mm stringing hole, making them versatile for various jewelry designs. The front side lovingly bears the word "peace," while the reverse features a dove in graceful flight, carrying an olive branch - timeless symbols that resonate deeply within the soul. The warm, antique copper tone complements any color palette, adding a touch of vintage charm to your personalized necklace, bracelet, or earring projects.

• Create a unique and evocative piece of jewelry with these exquisite pendants. Whether you're a seasoned jewelry maker or a beginner looking to start a meaningful project, these pendants offer endless possibilities to express your unique vision and spread a message of peace wherever life takes you. To maintain their lustrous sheen, polish gently with a soft cloth, and avoid contact with harsh chemicals.

• In a world where every detail matters, these dove pendants are a testament to your commitment to quality and meaning. Each time they grace your neck or wrist, they'll serve as a gentle reminder of the peace and love you carry within. Transform them into a wearable manifesto of hope, or gift them to someone special as a symbol of your shared dreams for a harmonious future.

• Order now and discover the serene beauty of these medallions of peace. Add them to your cart today and start crafting your message of peace for the world to see!

◼ Specifications
Material: Culinary-grade, Lead-Free Pewter, Copper-Plated with an antique finish; Made in the USA by TierraCast®.
Amount: 2 Pendants
Size: 24.5mm x 29mm; 3mm stringing hole
Color: Antique copper with the word "peace" on one side and a dove carrying an olive branch on the reverse side

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