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~~ Precision Meets Comfort: The Ultimate Long Nose Pliers for Intricate Work ~~ 

• When precision is key and space is tight, our 5" Long Nose Pliers are the go-to tool for professionals and hobbyists. Designed to reach into the most confined areas, they are the perfect companion for intricate work where standard pliers simply can't operate.

• Built to last, the pliers feature a robust stainless steel body. This high-quality material ensures longevity and resistance to rust, so you can rely on your tool for years to come. Whether for electronics, jewelry making, or model building, these pliers will endure the demands of any detailed project.

• Work longer and more comfortably with our soft grip cushion handles. They are designed to minimize hand fatigue and provide a secure grip, even during the most delicate tasks. The added comfort these handles offer means you can maintain a steady hand for the utmost precision.

• The long-tempered jaws are slim and precise but also solid and durable. They are ideal for reaching small objects or bending wires in cramped quarters. The tempered construction ensures the jaws maintain alignment and edge, even under strenuous conditions.

• Whether you're a jeweler or DIY enthusiast, these pliers are essential to your toolkit. Their versatility and ease of use make them suitable for various applications, ensuring that no project is too complex to tackle. Get ready to grasp, bend, and manipulate with unparalleled ease.

Item: Long Nose Pliers
Length: Approximately 5" long
Manufacturer: Cousin
Item Number: 4455

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