Striped Green Malachite Beads - 8mm Round Stone Beads - Eye-Catching Bead Strand

  • $4.25

~~ Create Stunning Jewelry with These Unique Striped Green Malachite Beads. ~~ 

• Made from composite malachite, these beads are carefully designed to mimic the natural beauty of the stone.

• With a striking green color and black stripe pattern, these 8mm round beads will add color to your jewelry designs.

• Each 15" strand comes with approximately 47 beads, giving you plenty of material to create your next masterpiece.

• These beads' 8mm average size and round shape make them ideal for various jewelry projects, including necklaces, bracelets, and earrings.

• With a 1mm hole size, these beads are easy to string onto wire or thread, making them perfect for beginner and experienced jewelry makers.

•  These Striped Green Malachite Beads offer a unique and beautiful addition to any jewelry-making project. Whether you want to create a statement piece or add a pop of color, these beads will surely impress.

Material: Manmade Malachite 
Amount: 15" strand; Approximately 47 beads
Size: 8mm average size; 1mm hole size
Shape: Round
Color: Green with a black stripe pattern

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