10 Antique Brass #6 Ball Chain Fan Pull Loop Connectors - "A" Couplings for DIY Custom Fan Pulls

  • $4.10

• These Antique Brass #6 Ball Chain Fan Pull Loop Connectors are the perfect solution for making custom fan and lamp pulls. 

• Made of brass with an antique finish, these connectors are sure to give your custom pulls a classic touch that will stand the test of time.

• The two-part connector has a loop at one end and an opening for the ball chain at the other. After you make your decorative pull, attach it to the loop end with wire or a split ring. Then, attach the other end to the last link of your ball chain. Your customized ceiling fan pull is now complete! 

• Pro tip: Since the size of ball chain can vary slightly depending on the manufacturer, needle-nose pliers can be used to slightly open the connector end if the fit is too tight.

Material: Brass
Amount: 10 connectors
Size: 7mm x 14mm; 4mm hole size
Shape: These connectors fit #3 to #6 ball chain (which measures 2.4mm to 3.2mm)
Color: Antique Brass

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