10 Leaf Pinch Bails - Small Silver Pendant Holders - DIY Nature Jewelry Making

  • $6.10

Material: Brass with a Platinum Plating
Amount: 10 bails
Size: 4mm across leaf design; 7mm from top to bottom; Inner Space between prongs and top of bail: 3.5mm; Prong Width: 0.9mm; Stringing hole at the top: 1mm
Shape: Leaf Pinch Bail
Color: Silver

• Enhance your jewelry-making projects with these exquisite 10 Small Leaf Pinch Bails, perfect for adding a touch of elegance and nature to your jewelry-making. Crafted from high-quality brass with stunning platinum plating, these bails ensure durability while providing a beautifully polished finish.

• Each bail features a delicate leaf design, measuring 4mm wide across the leaf design and 7mm tall. The inner space between the prongs and the top of the bail is 3.5mm, with a prong width of 0.9mm, making them ideal for securely holding your precious charms in place. A 1mm stringing hole is on top for easy attachment with a jump ring or wire.

• These silver leaf pinch bails are functional and add a refined aesthetic to your creations. Whether you're designing necklaces, bracelets, or earrings, these elegant holders will seamlessly complement your charms, giving your jewelry a professional and polished look.

• Using these pinch bails is simple. You only need a pair of chain nose pliers to open the center gently, insert the prongs into your pendant's hole, and squeeze closed to secure your design. The sturdy construction ensures that your pendants hang gracefully from your chosen necklace or cording.

• These versatile bails aren't just jewelry components; they invest in your potential to create unique and beautiful handcrafted pieces. Whether designing for yourself or crafting a thoughtful, handmade gift, these tiny pinch bails are a must-have addition to your jewelry-making arsenal.

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