10 Premium Bronze Niobium Ear Wires - Hypoallergenic Earring Hooks - USA Made

  • $5.65

• Elevate your earring designs with our premium bronze niobium ear wires, proudly made in the USA, for unmatched quality and uniqueness.

• Each pair is formed from top-grade 20-gauge niobium wire, an elemental metal known for its strength, flexibility, and supreme hypoallergenic properties.

• These ear wires are made from a stunning anodized bronze wire that is a beautiful shade of coppery brown. They add a unique touch of charm to your creations without compromising skin comfort.

• These regular loop ear wires measure 8mm x 20mm and come in a 10-pack, perfect for artisans looking to create exquisite, allergy-free jewelry. The impressive anodizing process enhances the niobium with a rich, deep color achieved through light refraction. No paints or dyes are involved, ensuring the metal retains its hypoallergenic qualities.

• These ear wires are an excellent choice whether you are designing for sensitive ears or aiming for high durability and non-tarnishing properties.

Material: Niobium - Anodized Bronze
Amount: 10 ear wires
Size: 8mm x 20mm; made of 20 gauge wire
Shape: Regular Loop Earwire
Color: Bronze - Coppery Brown

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