10 Premium Pink Niobium Ear Wires - Hypoallergenic Earring Hooks - USA Made

  • $5.65

• Elevate your jewelry creations with our Premium Pink Niobium Ear Wires - meticulously crafted for designers who demand both beauty and functionality.

• Each set includes 10 hypoallergenic earring hooks made in the USA from top-grade niobium, an elemental metal celebrated for its strength, flexibility, and supreme hypoallergenic properties.

• These ear wires, measuring 8mm x 20mm and formed from 20-gauge wire, provide the perfect balance of durability and grace for your next masterpiece.

• Our niobium ear wires undergo a superior anodizing process, transforming the metal into a stunning anodized pink through light refraction. This process ensures the vibrant color will never fade or tarnish and keeps the metal free from paints or dyes, maintaining its hypoallergenic qualities. Whether designing for sensitive ears or looking for ear wires that promise longevity and non-tarnishing properties, these ear wires are the ideal choice.

• Perfect for your next DIY jewelry project or professional collection, each pair combines aesthetic appeal with practical benefits. Trust in the USA-made quality, and let your designs stand out with these ear wires' vibrant and durable finish.

Material: Niobium - Anodized Pink
Amount: 10 ear wires
Size: 8mm x 20mm; made of 20 gauge wire
Shape: Regular Loop Earwire
Color: Pink

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