100M Tiger Tail 0.45mm, Silver Beading Wire, Smooth Nylon Finish for DIY Jewelry

  • $4.50

~~ The Perfect Beading Companion: Nylon-Coated Stainless Steel Wire ~~ 

• This tiger tail is made with seven strands of stainless steel wire; this nylon-coated wire is strong, ensuring that your bracelet or necklace creation won't break.

• The smooth nylon coating makes this wire water-resistant, protecting your jewelry string from damage in wet conditions.

• Say goodbye to kinks and tarnishing with this nylon-coated wire. Its smooth surface ensures that your wire remains in top condition for longer.

• Ideal for stringing medium to large-size beads, this soft and flexible wire can be used for various beading projects.

• With 100 meters (110 yards) of wire on a single spool, you'll have enough to complete multiple projects. Plus, its steel gray color gives it a sleek and professional look.

Material: Nylon-coated stainless steel wire
Amount: 1 spool
Size: 100 Meters (110 yards total)
Thickness: .45mm diameter
Color: Steel Gray

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