Seafoam Green Recycled Glass Beads, Rondelle Bead Strand for DIY Jewelry Making

  • $8.00

~~ Embrace the Ocean's Symphony with Seafoam Green Recycled Glass Beads ~~ 

• Are you looking for the perfect addition to your eco-conscious jewelry collection? Look no further than our Seafoam Green Recycled Glass Beads. Each 15-inch strand holds approximately 50 rondelle beads, each boasting its own unique size and shape, much like the diverse stones found along the beach.

• Our beads are crafted with care from eco-conscious recycled glass from Indonesia. With their soothing seafoam green color, these beads capture the essence of waves gently lapping at the shore, bringing a calming presence to any piece they adorn.

• These glass beads are perfect for crafting bracelets, necklaces, or earrings, adding an eco-chic flair to any outfit. Their matte, slightly rough finish along the edge makes for a textural delight that contrasts beautifully with their smooth faces.

• Craft a narrative with your jewelry that speaks of the sea's timeless dance and the importance of preserving its splendor. With these beads, your work will not only shine with the luster of the ocean's tranquility but also resonate with the heart of the conscious consumer.

• Add a strand to your cart now and sail away on a sea of creativity. Let your designs tell a tale as deep and captivating as the ocean.

Material: Recycled Glass
Amount: 15" strand; Approximately 50 beads
Size: Approximately 8mm thick x 10-13mm across; 2mm hole size
Shape: Rondelle/Wheel
Color: Seafoam Green

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