40 Earthy Seafoam Green Glass Beads, Recycled Rustic Style - Boho Jewelry Design

  • $8.00

~~ Capture the essence of the sea with these unique and rustic Pale Seafoam Green Matte recycled glass beads. ~~ 

• Each bead on the 15" strand, containing approximately 40 beads, exudes an organic charm reminiscent of glass weathered by the ocean waves. The irregular round shape and matte, slightly rough finish add character, showcasing their handcrafted quality and natural beauty. Please note that the chipped holes and size variations contribute to the artisanal feel of these beads, making each piece truly one-of-a-kind.

• Crafted with a nod to sustainability, these translucent beads offer eco-friendly elegance to your jewelry designs. The 10mm size and 2mm hole size allow for versatile use in various projects, while the natural variation in shape adds a unique flair to your creations.

• Due to the roughness of the holes, we recommend using heavy-duty stringing material, which ensures your designs are secure and durable. Embrace the imperfections and irregularities of these beads, as they reflect the beauty of the natural world and add a distinctive touch to your handmade jewelry pieces.

• Embrace your creativity and infuse your designs with the authenticity and charm of these glass beads. Discover the allure of human-made treasures that echo the raw beauty of nature, adding a touch of sea-inspired elegance to your handmade jewelry collection.

• Dive into your next crafting adventure with these beads, and let your imagination flow freely as you incorporate the rustic charm of the ocean into your unique creations.

Material: Recycled Glass
Amount: 15" strand; Approximately 40 beads
Size: Approximately 10mm; 2mm hole size
Shape: Irregular Round
Color: Pale Seafoam Green Matte

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