2 Gold Crown Pendants by Nunn Design - Regal Charm - Artisan Jewelry Supply

  • $7.35

Quantity: 2 charms
Material: Lead and Nickel-Free Pewter, Electroplated with 24k Gold with an antique finish. All Nunn Design products are cast and plated in the USA with imported lead-free pewter and precious metals.
Size: 20mm x 24mm; 1.5mm stringing hole
Shape: Coin with a Crown Design on the front with a plain back
Color: Antique gold

• Introduce a touch of royalty to your artisan jewelry supply with these exquisite Gold Crown Pendants by Nunn Design.

• Each pack includes two stunning charms meticulously crafted from lead and nickel-free pewter and electroplated with luxurious 24k gold. The rich antique finish, complemented by a rustic, uneven edge, gives these pendants a unique, artisanal feel that is both timeless and sophisticated.

• Each charm measures 20mm x 24mm and features a classic crown design on the front with a smooth, flat back; these pendants embody a blend of historical grandeur and modern artistry, perfect for your creative projects.

• Symbolizing power, triumph, and glory, these crown charms are more than just decorative pieces. They are powerful tokens that inspire and embody the spirit of taking charge of one's own goals, life, and ideas.

• The 1.5mm stringing hole makes them incredibly versatile. They are ideal for necklaces, bracelets, earrings, or even as a unique focal piece in a more intricate design.

• Add these pendants to your artisan jewelry supply to create pieces that stand out with a message of honor and personal empowerment. Whether creating one-of-a-kind gifts or expanding your handmade jewelry collection, these pendants will enhance your projects with their regal charm and meaningful symbolism.

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