20 Turquoise Blue Elephant Beads - Small Lucky Elephants - Animal Beads for Boho Jewelry Making

  • $3.00

~~ Add Whimsy to Your Jewelry Projects with Turquoise Blue Baby Elephant Beads ~~

• Welcome a touch of bohemian charm and whimsy into your crafting with our set of 20 turquoise blue elephant beads.

• Each bead is a miniature totem of luck, meticulously carved into the shape of a serene elephant from high-quality synthetic turquoise.

• Measuring 15mm x 10mm with a convenient 1mm hole size, these small but impactful beads are awash in a tranquil turquoise blue, complemented by delicate brown veining to mimic the natural allure of genuine turquoise.

• These unique elephant beads are perfect for crafting jewelry or adding a boho touch to any project. Each bead and set is unique, ensuring that your creations are one-of-a-kind.

• Embrace the spirit of adventure and creativity through these enchanting animal beads, and let your designs shine with personality!

Material: Synthetic Turquoise
Amount: 20 beads
Size: 15mm x 10mm; 1mm hole size
Shape: Elephant
Color: Turquoise blue with brown veining for a turquoise look. Each bead and set is unique but similar to the photo.