25 Aqua Blue Wavy Oval Beads - Czech Pressed Glass - Tropical Serenity Inspired - For Handmade Jewelry

  • $3.25

• Introducing our exquisite set of 25 Aqua Blue Wavy Oval Beads, expertly crafted from Czech glass, to bring creativity to your jewelry-making projects.

• Each bead measures 8.5mm x 14mm and has a 1mm hole drilled lengthwise, ensuring it's both practical and beautiful. The stunning transparent aqua-blue color resembles a tropical paradise's clear, serene waters, perfect for creating pieces that evoke calmness and beauty.

•These wavy oval beads are visually appealing and designed to add a unique dimension to your creations. The soothing aqua hue pairs wonderfully with various materials and is a focal point in bracelets, necklaces, or earrings.

• Whether you're an experienced crafter or just beginning your jewelry-making journey, these beads provide a reliable foundation for pieces that speak elegance and thoughtful craftsmanship.

• Ideal for gift-giving or adding a professional touch to your jewelry collection, these aqua-blue beads are a testament to the beauty and uniqueness of artisanal craft.

Material: Czech Glass Beads
Amount: 25 beads
Size: 8.5mm x 14mm; 1mm hole drilled lengthwise
Shape: Wavy Oval
Color: Transparent Aqua Blue

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