25 Light Blue Trillium Beads - 9mm Czech Glass Flowers - For Handmade Jewelry

  • $2.95

• Enhance your jewelry-making palette with our exquisite 25 Light Blue Trillium Beads, meticulously crafted from Czech glass. These transparent light sapphire blue beads shine with a delicate, floral elegance, making them a striking addition to any handmade jewelry piece.

• Each bead is shaped into a charming trillium flower, measuring 9.5mm across and 4mm thick, with a precise 1mm hole drilled through the center for ease of use.

• The serene hue of these beads evokes the tranquil essence of a clear sky, making them perfect for creating breezy spring accessories or adding a splash of calm to your more vivid designs.

• The versatility of these glass flowers allows you to thread them into necklaces, weave them into bracelets, or dangle them from earrings, giving each creation sophistication and uniqueness.

• Embrace these stunning beads in your next project, and let your creativity flourish!

Material: Czech Glass Beads
Amount: 25 beads
Size: 9.5mm x 4mm thick; 1mm hole drilled through the center
Shape: Trillium Flower
Color: Transparent Light Sapphire Blue

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