25 Siam Red Czech Glass Beads - Chicklet-Cut Rectangle - DIY Christmas Jewelry

  • $3.25

~~ Dazzling Siam Red Rectangle Beads: Your DIY Christmas Sparkle ~~ 

• Add festive elegance to your DIY jewelry collection with these radiant Siam red rectangle beads. They are made from pressed glass in the Czech Republic and offer a touch of classic sophistication to your designs. This set of 25 chicklet-cut rectangles is the perfect addition to your holiday crafting palette.

• Each bead measures 8mm by 12mm and has a conveniently drilled 1mm hole lengthwise, making it ideal for threading. Its uniform size and shape make it versatile for creating harmonious designs, whether crafting necklaces or bracelets or adding a pop of color to your Christmas ornaments.

• These beads' unique chicklet cut captures light beautifully and lends a modern geometric flair to your creations. The sharp, clean lines and flat surfaces create a contemporary look, while the pretty Siam red provides a warm, inviting glow to any piece.

• Ignite the spirit of Christmas with these lustrous beads, perfect for seasonal projects. Create custom jewelry for holiday parties, design special gifts for loved ones, or use them to embellish home decor. These beads will surely add a festive flair to whatever you create.

• With these Czech glass beads, you're not just buying supplies but unlocking a world of creative possibilities. Their durability and top-notch quality reflect the rich glassmaking tradition of the Czech Republic. Let these elegant beads be a staple in your holiday craft lineup.

Material: Czech Glass Beads
Amount: 25 beads
Size: 8mm x 12mm; 1mm hole drilled lengthwise
Shape: Chicklet Cut Rectangle
Color: Siam red

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