4 Silver 4-to-1 Beaded Links, TierraCast Connectors for Multi-Strand DIY Jewelry

  • $5.60

💚 Elevate your multi-strand masterpieces into works of art with this set of four Antique Silver 4 to 1 Beaded Links by TierraCast®. These elegant pewter connectors are not only functional, bridging your four-strand creations to a single clasp with ease, but also add a touch of vintage sophistication to your designs. Made in the USA with the finest culinary-grade, lead-free pewter, each link is plated with .999 fine silver and boasts an enchanting antique finish that exudes timeless charm.

Measuring 21.5mm x 10mm with 1.5mm closed loops, these connectors are perfectly sized for bracelets and necklaces, providing a durable and stylish transition between the strands of your project and the clasp. The intricate beaded detail is thoughtfully designed on both sides, ensuring your jewelry looks impeccable from every angle. Whether you're a seasoned jeweler or a crafting enthusiast, these TierraCast® connectors will elevate your creations, making each piece a potential heirloom.

Caring for your silver-plated pewter links is simple; keep them away from harsh chemicals and clean them gently with a soft cloth to maintain their antique luster. Ideal for both professional jewelers and DIY crafters, these beaded links are a testament to the quality, creativity, and authenticity that Hackberry Creek stands for.

Incorporate these unique connectors into your next project and watch as they become the conversation piece of your stunning jewelry designs. Shop now and let your creativity shine with these versatile and exquisite beaded links.

Material: Culinary-grade, Lead-Free Pewter, .999 Fine Silver-Plated with an antique finish, Made in the USA by TierraCast®
Amount: 4 links
Size: 21.5mm x 10mm; 1.5mm closed loops
Shape: Beaded link
Color: Antique silver with the design on both sides

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