5 Antique Gold Barrel Beads - Nunn Design - For Leather Cord - Artisan Jewelry

  • $5.75

Material: Lead-Free and Nickel-Free Pewter; 24k Gold electroplate with an antique finish. All Nunn Design products are cast and plated in the USA with imported pewter and precious metals.
Amount: 5 beads
Size: 11mm x 4.5mm; 1.8mm stringing hole
Shape: Barrel
Color: Antique Gold

• Unveil your next jewelry masterpiece with our exquisite 5-pack of Double Cone Barrel Beads, exclusively from Nunn Design. These beauties are meticulously crafted from lead-free and nickel-free pewter, featuring a luxurious 24k Gold electroplate with an antique finish.

• Each bead measures 11mm x 4.5mm and has a 1.8mm stringing hole, which makes them perfect for various projects. Whether you're a seasoned artisan or just starting your jewelry-making journey, these barrel beads offer unmatched quality and versatility.

• What sets these beads apart is their large holes, which accommodate leather cord, ribbon, or thicker string. This ensures that your creations are as unique and durable as they are stunning.

• The antique gold color adds a touch of vintage elegance, making them ideal for contemporary and classic designs. Whether used alone or with other components, they add a distinct flair to necklaces, bracelets, or earrings. Our Nunn Design beads are proudly cast in the USA, embodying the essence of American craftsmanship and attention to detail.

• These beads aren't just components; they're the foundation of your next extraordinary piece of jewelry. Their robust construction ensures they will maintain their charm for years to come.

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