50 Firepolished Rondelle Beads - Transparent Aqua - 8mm Faceted Czech Spacers

  • $3.45

• Discover the true essence of summer with our breathtaking Transparent Aqua Blue Czech Glass Beads!

• Made in the Czech Republic, renowned for its superior glass craftsmanship, each of the 50 rondelle beads in this pack boasts a faceted fire-polished finish that sparkles like sunlight dancing on ocean waves.

• Sized at 7.5mm wide and 4mm thick, with a convenient 1mm hole, these beads are ideal for weaving into unique earrings, charming bracelets, or elegant necklaces.

• Whether you're designing for festive beach parties, tranquil seaside weddings, or vibrant summer events, these beads add a refreshing splash of color and sophistication to any jewelry piece. Their brilliant transparency and glossy elevate the aesthetic of each creation, making them a favorite choice for casual wear and special occasions.

• Embrace the artistry of Czech glassmaking and let these aqua rondelle beads inspire your next jewelry project. Make your jewelry designs stand out and captivate with the enchanting hues of the ocean-every bead is a wave of inspiration waiting to be explored.

Material: Czech Glass Beads
Amount: 50 beads
Size: 7.5mm wide x 4mm thick; 1mm hole size
Shape: Faceted Firepolished Rondelle
Color: Transparent Aqua Blue

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