6 Pink Enamel Octopus Charms, Whimsical Pendants for Sea Life Jewelry & Crafts

  • $4.25

~~ Add a Splash of Quirky Charm to Your DIY Creations with These Pink Enamel Octopus Charms! ~~

• Dive into the enchanting world of undersea elegance with our exquisite set of 6 Pink Enamel Octopus Charms! These delightful charms are perfect for the octopus lover looking to add a touch of whimsy to their DIY jewelry creations, custom crafts, or even to spruce up keychains.

• Crafted from a durable metal alloy, each octopus charm is lavishly coated with a layer of radiant gold plate and lovingly adorned with pretty muted pink enamel and tiny black eyes that seem to gaze out with a touch of oceanic wisdom.

• Measuring 20mm x 16mm, with a handy 2mm hanging loop at the top, they are the perfect size for various projects, ensuring your handcrafted pieces stand out with a personal touch that's uniquely you.

• Rest assured, our charms are built to last! Keep them away from harsh chemicals and clean them with a soft cloth to maintain their lustrous finish.

• Cast a net for this set of charms now and let the current of creativity carry you to new depths of DIY delight, where the handcrafted and heartfelt merge to create magic!

Material: Metal Alloy + Gold Plate
Amount: 6 per package
Size: 20mm x 16mm; hanging loop hole is 2mm
Shape: Octopus
Color: Pretty Muted Pink enamel with black eyes on the front with a plain gold back

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