8mm Aqua Blue Crackle Agate Beads, Frosted Ocean-Inspired Stones for DIY Jewelry

  • $4.55

🌊 Step into a world where the serene hues of the ocean meet the earth's natural beauty with a strand of these enchanting Aqua Crackle Agate Beads. Each bead is a tiny testament to the wonders of nature, dyed to perfection, and finished with a frosted touch that whispers tales of mystic seas and tranquil breezes. Experience the allure of these 8mm round gems, strung together in a 15" strand, ready to bring your jewelry creations to life.

Crafted from natural agate, these beads boast varying shades of aqua blue and white, reminiscent of waves crashing onto a frosty shore. The crackle look and matte finish only enhance their charm, ensuring that each bead is as unique as the person who wears them. 

With approximately 48 beads per strand and a convenient 1mm hole size, they are perfect for designing necklaces, bracelets, or any piece that calls for a splash of color and a dash of individuality.

As with all treasures carved from the earth's canvas, these agate beads carry their own stories. Natural variations like markings and striations are part of their beauty, adding character and authenticity to your handcrafted pieces. While a few beads per strand may be less than perfect due to off-center drilling or minor defects, they only serve to remind us of the human touch in the crafting process and the natural origin of these beautiful stones. To maintain their luster, handle them with care and store them away from direct sunlight.

Embrace the quality that Hackberry Creek embodies with these frosted aqua agate beads. Whether for personal use or as a thoughtful gift, they are not just materials but a source of inspiration for anyone who cherishes creativity.

Material: Agate (Dyed)
Amount: 15" strand; Approximately 48 beads
Size: 8mm average size; 1mm hole size
Shape: Round
Color: Varying shades of aqua blue and white with a crackle look and matte finish

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