10mm Dragon Vein Agate Beads in Oceanic Aqua Blue, For DIY Jewelry & Crafts

  • $5.65

💚 Immerse yourself in the soothing, oceanic hues of our Aqua Blue 10mm Dragon Vein Agate Beads. Each bead is a tiny world unto itself, with varying shades of tranquil aqua blue interspersed with striking black veining. This set of beads is perfect for adding a touch of nature to any jewelry or craft project.

These beads are crafted from Agate, a natural stone renowned for its beauty and durability. Each bead measures approximately 10mm in size, with a 1mm hole size - the perfect dimension for threading onto a necklace or bracelet. The beads have been dyed to enhance their color, resulting in a vibrant, oceanic hue that is sure to captivate and inspire. As these beads are made from natural stone, each one is unique and may exhibit markings, striations, and other variations associated with lapidary. This adds to their charm, ensuring that no two beads are exactly alike.

Whether you're an experienced jewelry maker or a beginner, these beads are sure to bring a touch of magic to your creations. Dive into the world of crafting with these mesmerizing beads today.

Material: Agate (Dyed)
Amount: 15" strand; 38 beads
Size: 10mm average size; 1mm hole size
Shape: Round
Color: Varying shades of aqua blue with black veining

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