25 Stainless Steel Loop Connectors for #10 Ball Chain - Heavy Duty and Durable "A" Couplings

  • $8.99

~~ Securely Attach to #10 Ball Chain with these 25 Stainless Steel Loop "A" Coupling Connectors ~~ 

• Each pack includes 25 'A' coupling connectors that fit #8 to #10 ball chain, where the balls measure from 4mm to 4.5mm.

• These connectors are made in the USA from high-quality stainless steel, ensuring they can withstand the wear and tear of everyday use. 

• They measure 10mm x 20mm in size and feature a 5mm hole on one size, with the connector part on the other end.

• You can easily attach these connectors to the last link of a ball chain and use the loop end to hang any item you want. The possibilities are endless! 

• Don't settle for flimsy connectors that break easily - upgrade to these Stainless Steel Loop Connectors for a secure and long-lasting solution.

Material: Stainless Steel
Amount: 25 'A' coupling connectors
Size: 10mm x 20mm; 5mm hole size
Shape: These connectors fit #8 to #10 ball chain (which measures 4mm to 4.5mm)
Color: Silver

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