Effortless Threading 2.25" - Beadalon Big Eye Needles - Durable Stainless Steel

  • $3.49

• Unleash your creativity effortlessly with our premium Beadalon Big Eye Needles, designed especially for craft enthusiasts and seasoned jewelry makers. 

• These needles, supplied in a set of four and measuring 2.25 inches each, are constructed from high-tensile stainless steel, ensuring durability and flexibility for all your crafting needs. 

• The standout feature, a large eye that spans most of the needle's length, makes threading incredibly easy - say goodbye to eye strain and frustrating delays in your creative process!

• These needles can accommodate all sizes of bead cord, making them exceptionally versatile for various beading projects. Whether stringing beads individually or scooping them from trays, their thoughtfully sharpened tips ensure precision and ease. 

• Perfect for DIY enthusiasts, these needles make threading hassle-free, enabling you to focus more on the creativity and design of your jewelry projects. Whether you're a novice looking to explore the art of beadwork or a professional aiming to streamline your process, these needles are an essential tool in your crafting arsenal.

Material: Constructed from high-tensile stainless steel wire. 
Amount: Set of 4
Size 2.25 inches in length

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