Mindfulness Buddha Clip-On Keychain Fob, Purse Charm, Zipper Pull + Swivel Clasp

  • $8.00

💚 Embrace tranquility and carry a touch of serene elegance everywhere you go with our Buddha Clip-On Purse Charm. This exquisite piece, crafted from fine silver-plated pewter, features a beautifully detailed sitting Buddha on one side, symbolizing mindfulness and inner peace, with an intricate lotus flower adorning the reverse. Measuring at a versatile length of 2 1/2 inches, this charm is not just an accessory but a small token of serenity for your daily life.

The charm's circle shape is complemented by a sturdy metal swivel clasp that makes it effortless to attach and reposition. Whether you're adorning your favorite purse, giving life to a simple zipper, personalizing a backpack, or adding a touch of calm to your keychain, this charm's easy-to-use trigger clasp ensures it can rotate freely, preventing tangles and ensuring the Buddha is always displayed gracefully. Beyond its functionality, the silver hue of this charm adds a dash of elegance to any item it graces.

This Buddha Clip On Purse Charm is not only a versatile accessory but also a meaningful gift that speaks volumes. It is an ideal present for friends and loved ones who appreciate mindfulness or could use a reminder to embrace the present moment. Each charm is a testament to the hand-assembled quality and the authenticity that Hackberry Creek stands for, making it a perfect stocking stuffer or special token of affection for any occasion. Let this charm be a gentle nudge towards peace and reflection in the hustle of everyday life.

Material: Fine silver-plated pewter; Metal swivel clasp
Amount: 1 piece
Size: 2 1/2" long
Shape: Circle with Buddha
Color: Silver with the sitting Buddha on one side and a lotus flower on the reverse side

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