12 Sapphire Blue Bell Flower Beads, Czech Glass 11x13mm for DIY Jewelry & Crafts

  • $2.95

💚 Dive into a world of creativity with these 12 exquisite Sapphire Blue Bell Flower Beads, a source of endless inspiration for both artisans and hobbyists. Each bead is a masterpiece of craftsmanship, shaped from the highest quality Czech glass which is celebrated for its exceptional clarity and rich color saturation. 

Sized at 11mm x 13mm and featuring a precisely drilled 1mm hole at the center, these beads epitomize sophistication and grace. Bathed in a deep sapphire blue, these bell flower beads evoke the tranquil depths of the ocean, infusing a sense of calm and refinement into your handcrafted projects. To preserve their radiant sheen, treat them with care and store them in a temperate, dry environment.

Whether you're designing an elegant pair of earrings, a charming bracelet, or adding a distinctive accent to keychains and bookmarks, these beads are poised to elevate your work into a tangible expression of beauty. Their versatility is unparalleled, assuring that your bespoke creations will be valued and admired for many years.

At Hackberry Creek, we share your commitment to the art of crafting. We take great pride in offering beads that not only amplify the allure of your projects but also capture the essence of innovation and genuineness that creators desire. 

Allow these sapphire blue bell flower beads to be the foundation for your imagination to flourish, and witness as your designs evolve into exquisite works of art that echo your distinct creative flair. Add this bead set to your cart now and let your artistic expression reach majestic new realms! 

Material: Czech Glass Beads
Amount: 12 beads
Size: 11mm x 13mm; 1mm hole drilled through center
Shape: Bell Flower
Color: Translucent sapphire blue

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