50 Lumi Purple Tango Triangle Beads, 6mm 2-Hole Czech Glass for Beading & Crafts

  • $3.90

💚 Step into the enchanting world of beading with this exquisite collection of Lumi Purple Tango Triangle Beads. Each bead is a tiny masterpiece, meticulously crafted from the finest Czech Glass, known for its unparalleled quality and brilliance. This set includes 50 beads, each measuring a delicate 6mm x 6mm with two precise 0.8mm holes, making them a versatile and essential addition to your beading repertoire.

The unique triangular shape of these beads is not just a statement of geometric beauty; it's a gateway to endless creativity. Their dusty pink hue kissed with a soft lavender wash and a shimmering shiny finish, will add a touch of romantic elegance to any design. 

The dual holes expand your design possibilities, allowing for intricate patterns and textures that will set your creations apart. Whether you are weaving them into a stunning bracelet, a chic necklace, or an eye-catching pair of earrings, these beads will be the conversation starters that elevate your handcrafted jewelry.

Caring for your Lumi Purple Tango Triangle Beads is simple. To maintain their lustrous finish, gently wipe them with a soft cloth and keep them away from harsh chemicals. Store them in a cool, dry place, and they will continue to captivate with their color and shine for years to come. 

Embrace the art of beading with these Czech Glass beauties and let your imagination dance to the rhythm of creativity. Add them to your cart today and start crafting your next breathtaking piece!

Material: Czech Glass Beads
Amount: 50 beads
Size: 6mm x 6mm; Two 0.8mm holes
Shape: Triangle
Color: Dusty pink with a lavender wash and shiny finish

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