25 Lavender Bell Flower Beads, 6x8mm Czech Glass Flowers for DIY Jewelry

  • $2.95

🌸 Step into a world of floral fantasy with these delicate Lavender Bell Flower Beads, perfect for crafting exquisite jewelry that whispers tales of enchantment and elegance. Each set contains 25 pieces of premium Czech Glass Beads, renowned for their superior quality and radiant clarity. These 6x8mm bell-shaped wonders will add a touch of springtime charm to any piece.

These pretty beads boast a consistent size and shape, ensuring your handcrafted jewelry will look professionally made. The 1mm hole drilled through the center allows for seamless integration into your designs, whether you're stringing them onto delicate chains or incorporating them into intricate beadwork. Their durable glass construction ensures long-lasting beauty, allowing your creations to be treasured for years to come. To maintain their luster, simply wipe them with a soft cloth and keep them away from harsh chemicals.

These glass beads are more than just components; they are a gateway to creativity, encouraging you to design pieces that resonate with your artistic spirit. Ideal for earrings, necklaces, bracelets, angel skirts, and even embellishing accessories or home decor, these beads are as versatile as they are stunning.

Embrace the joy of creating with our Lavender Bell Flower Beads, and let your imagination bloom. Add this enchanting set to your cart today and begin your journey into the alluring world of DIY jewelry. Your masterpieces await!

Material: Czech Glass Beads
Amount: 25 beads
Size: 6mm x 8mm; 1mm hole drilled through center
Shape: Bell Flower
Color: Transparent lavender

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