Diagonal Side Cutters, Ergonomic Comfort Tool With Padded Handles for Crafters

  • $5.95

• This Diagonal (Side) Cutter is used for cutting wire and pins that are not easily reached by larger tools. You may find them preferable if you do complex projects. 

• Beyond the basics of quality manufacturing, this distinctive handle was developed to be truly comfortable to use with repetitive motions. 

• This tool can be flipped for either hand preference to find your comfort zone. They are lightweight, and the grip is softened with a thick plastic coating to absorb pressure and prevent pain.

I T E M   D E T A I L S

Item: Diagonal Side Cutters
Length: Approximately 5 1/4" long
Features: Precision comfort tools have padded ergonomic handles and are specially designed to reduce hand stress. These professional quality tools are made from drop-forged, high-carbon steel and have a durable silver sand finish.
Manufacturer: Cousin
Item Number: 6857 - Diagonal Cutter

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